Thursday, May 10, 2012

Polka Meets Pearl

 I went to my friend's birthday concert and it was fun.I don't sing even if I'm drunk, but I enjoyed watching him wearing his gown and singing his heart out.. I wore this pretty polka dot dress. 

 Quick pose with the birthday celebrant. (the one in the     center..heheheh)

               My pretty friend, Joneza.                                              

 Take your influence from the Androgyny trend and add a detachable collar to a pretty polka dot dress for a quirky and refreshing look, fit for an invitation only event.  For an added style hit, try sporting a full bangs before stepping into these yummy colored pumps..hahahah

 Party is all about black and white, so I made this Pearl Clutch to match my dress..What do u think?

        Detachable Collar: Gabrielle Taduran
        Pearl Clutch: Gabrielle Taduran
        Shoes: Forever21


Thanks for reading..