Saturday, September 15, 2012

Tea date

Spent my day with my preggy friend.. Since I arrived in the Davao I always go out with friends. It's good to see old friends..I'm wearing my bracelet again...hahahha i really like it and it's my favorite..hehehehe

No make up...say hi to my eyebags!!!heheheh

Bracelet : Forever21  Ring: Chiccat
                                       Happy Friday everyone!!!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I spent my day eating and chatting with my highschool friends..I miss these girls.. I don't see them often because I live in Cebu.
Food tasting for Jean's forthcoming wedding.

 I wore a another comfy skirt and top. It's easy to move around.

Arm candy

Top: Chiccat/ Bracelet & Skirt: Forever21/ Sandals: Celine

                      Hope you like my look today.=)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Elevator Traffic

Elevator drama...hahaha I'm taking advantage of the elevator traffic.  Today, I'm wearing my laidback and comfy top..I'm happy that it matches my Topshop bandage skirt.

Earrings: Chanel 
Rings: Chiccat

Bandage Skirt: Topshop  
Top: Terranova
Bag & Flats: Parisian
I guess u can never go wrong with loose top and bandage skirt. And put on your favorite flats. It's my best bet on a busy day. How do you stay chic on a busy day? I'd love to hear bout it..
           Have a great Monday!! =)