Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sluggish Thursday

Feelin a little tired and lazy to mix and match my outfit today.. My best bet is to  wear a dress. Dress is my bestfriend when I'm too tired to think of what to wear for the day...It's one piece that when you put it on, you're good to go.

 Isn't ironic that I only noticed that I'm all white when I arrived at the office?
So I put on my blazer since I'll be heading to the office. Looking sluggish but never sacrificing professionalism..hehehehe 

Tired to accessorize too..heheheheh But, my parrot ring is soo pretty, right?

No make look.

Dress: Milk & Co.
Bag: Chloe
Flats: Solemate
Blaer: Vertigo
Ring: Chiccat

What do you think of my look??Hope you like my sluggish look.Vote for this look on Chictopia.