Sunday, May 27, 2012

Green Eyed Monster

I'm beginning to wonder if July is becoming hot for weddings...heheheheheh This is the third time that I was asked to design a dress for a wedding and they fall on the same month..hmmmm God, thank you very much..(with a big smile) 

I sketched two dresses. I'll just let her choose between the two..

Karyl Klein

Karyl Klein

I soo love the green and black combo. It gives an elegant kick.Both dresses would look great on her and it fits her personality. Knowing your client is on my top list before starting the job. Making a small talk can lead to a great friendship, right girls??..hehehehhe

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Modern Cleopatra

I was asked to make an Egyptian inspired dress last Thursday. Client wanted something gold and she'll be needing it on the 25th of May. I'm not sure if I can make  it on the said date because I'm running my ass out doing a lot of things- office and Chiccat. Chiccat is my RTW line which will be launch soon..hehehehe=D

I made a little research about Egyptian's fashion. I loved their style. Egyptians has a thing for  patterns, collars and jewelry. Decoration in Egyptian dress was chiefly confined to the collar. I made a modern fancy Egyptian dress.

   I added those chunky cuffs to achieve a very elegant Egyptian vibe. I didn't make an all gold dress because it's too loud. She'll be attending a wedding. 

 Have you notice the collar??heheheh The Egyptian collars was highly ornamental.Decorative ornamental collar completes the Egyptian picture. This is how I interpret a modern Egyptian dress. I'm a big fan of Cleopatra, so I'll name this dres after her..heheheh I'm a huge fan of her coquetry. 

*PS:I'm thinking of making an Egyptian collection..hehehe

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Blue Babe

The importance of blue as a top fashion colour for spring and summer 2012. I sketched this gown a year ago..Recently, I added a blue palette to give it a kick. I love this gown because it screams for  "Sexy back." I'm always a big fan of a sexy back kind of look as long it's covered at the front,just to avoid looking cheap and tacky.

In a restricted palette such as Cobalt Blue with white you instantly achieve a wearable, attractive and classic look or can be the prettiest blue babe. What do you think? =)

*PS: I wanted to give this design to a highschool friend on her forthcoming wedding. 


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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Floral Blush

My peg today is to create a look..I can be your stylist and fashion designer..hehehehe...I carefully picked all these items.  I made this look for a friend. She asked me to make a look on her forthcoming date. I know she would love this combination.Great for a date, right?

Floral Blush

Thursday, May 10, 2012


I love this dress because it's easy to wear. You can pull it off anytime. 


I felt giddy and tickled with this awesome gift.. It's a birthday present from Kojak..heheheeheh

       Love love love love ..hahhahahaha 

Polka Meets Pearl

 I went to my friend's birthday concert and it was fun.I don't sing even if I'm drunk, but I enjoyed watching him wearing his gown and singing his heart out.. I wore this pretty polka dot dress. 

 Quick pose with the birthday celebrant. (the one in the     center..heheheh)

               My pretty friend, Joneza.                                              

 Take your influence from the Androgyny trend and add a detachable collar to a pretty polka dot dress for a quirky and refreshing look, fit for an invitation only event.  For an added style hit, try sporting a full bangs before stepping into these yummy colored pumps..hahahah

 Party is all about black and white, so I made this Pearl Clutch to match my dress..What do u think?

        Detachable Collar: Gabrielle Taduran
        Pearl Clutch: Gabrielle Taduran
        Shoes: Forever21

Monday, May 7, 2012

Detachable Collar & Pearl Clutch

Getting serious creating a career in Fashion. You'll be seeing a lot of "First" on my blog. My first clutch and detachable collar was made yesterday...hmmmm

Ohh thats my very cute sewing machine.. Kojak gave it to me on our anniversary..Sweet!hehehe

 These pearls used to be my necklace. The party is all about  black and white.. and the best part is I've been itching to make a bag with a lot of pearls on it.

This is the finished product.. I'm sooo excited to use this pearl clutch..for petesake I can't sleep..hahahah

        Detachable Collar &Pearl Clutch

I'll be using these accessories on my  friends forth coming  birthday concert...I'm sooo excited I dunno if it's the concert or the bag/collar that I'll be wearing...hahahahh. I'll be making a lot these accessories soon! What do you think??