Sunday, May 20, 2012

Modern Cleopatra

I was asked to make an Egyptian inspired dress last Thursday. Client wanted something gold and she'll be needing it on the 25th of May. I'm not sure if I can make  it on the said date because I'm running my ass out doing a lot of things- office and Chiccat. Chiccat is my RTW line which will be launch soon..hehehehe=D

I made a little research about Egyptian's fashion. I loved their style. Egyptians has a thing for  patterns, collars and jewelry. Decoration in Egyptian dress was chiefly confined to the collar. I made a modern fancy Egyptian dress.

   I added those chunky cuffs to achieve a very elegant Egyptian vibe. I didn't make an all gold dress because it's too loud. She'll be attending a wedding. 

 Have you notice the collar??heheheh The Egyptian collars was highly ornamental.Decorative ornamental collar completes the Egyptian picture. This is how I interpret a modern Egyptian dress. I'm a big fan of Cleopatra, so I'll name this dres after her..heheheh I'm a huge fan of her coquetry. 

*PS:I'm thinking of making an Egyptian collection..hehehe


  1. Omg thank God I found your blog, I'm a fashion student and now you've inspired me. :) <3 I just became a follower, I hope you'll check my blog and maybe return the favor :)

  2. Hi Bianca..great to know that i inspired u..i'll visit ur blog=)


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