Monday, May 7, 2012

Detachable Collar & Pearl Clutch

Getting serious creating a career in Fashion. You'll be seeing a lot of "First" on my blog. My first clutch and detachable collar was made yesterday...hmmmm

Ohh thats my very cute sewing machine.. Kojak gave it to me on our anniversary..Sweet!hehehe

 These pearls used to be my necklace. The party is all about  black and white.. and the best part is I've been itching to make a bag with a lot of pearls on it.

This is the finished product.. I'm sooo excited to use this pearl clutch..for petesake I can't sleep..hahahah

        Detachable Collar &Pearl Clutch

I'll be using these accessories on my  friends forth coming  birthday concert...I'm sooo excited I dunno if it's the concert or the bag/collar that I'll be wearing...hahahahh. I'll be making a lot these accessories soon! What do you think??


Thanks for reading..