Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Watching and listening to beach waves has a calming effect. I want to witness more sunrise and sunset near the beach. I want my kids to enjoy beach as much I do.
I'm sharing our short vacation in Mati, Davao Oriental. 

Photo: RA Corbita 

Photo: RA Corbita 

Photo: RA Corbita 

My husband used to surf before and I wanna try it too.I'm still in Mati while writing this article, but I'm already planning for another trip.We're planning to go to Siargao and bring the kids. And it would need a huge preparation because of these toddlers. I would encourage parents to bring your kids to the beach or anywhere as long as it's safe. It builds memories and it's a learning experience for them. Dipping into a new place or culture. Take more photos. I'm a huge photo junkie. I hold on to it. I even have a hard time deleting photos on my phone. My phone is crying out loud, phone storage is running low. LOL For those who doesn't have kids yet ..enjoy your single life and travel more. It's always rewarding to get to travel. Concern about your budget? Save save save. 

Build memories because time will come its the only thing left.. You hold on to it and dance with it.  You get to appreciate things around you when its just memories.

Photos: RA Corbita, Kojak TaduranGabrielle Taduran


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