Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Lookin tired after long hours of work. I'm dying to have a long vacation. I'm itching to have a week off from work...a month is pretty good idea too..hahahhaha I'll be in Davao next month. Thanks God. Vacation is a good thing to avoid burnout. 

Hiding my sleepy eyes..hahahahhah

Dress: Forever21/ Leather Jacket: Vertigo/ Blue Flats: Follie

Anyway, on to my outfit. Recently, my leather jacket has became my favorite piece. It keeps me warm. Cebu has a series of rainy days, so my best bet is to bring jacket everytime I go out. 

Have you noticed how freakin blue I look??hahhahahah I'm soo into my blue shoes...hahahahah I'm a size 38, but this one is size 40. To make matters worse, this is the last pair..hhahahah You can imagine how sad I looked.. All the love for blue..hahahahahh
 Hope you like my look today.


  1. Nice blue shoes! :) How bigger are they? It doesn't look like from a size 38, it's a size 40. :p Still look fab! :)


  2. It's pretty big Chai...pero carry na bsta bet ang shoes..go na...hahahahhahah

  3. I love everything on these photos! thank you so much, for visiting my blog, you have a new fan

    1. Hi ..thank u soo following u too.

  4. Like your blue look especially your shoes.
    Even if its not your size it still fits you.. =)


  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE! You have great style!


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