Monday, January 11, 2016

Vintage Dressing

Get a great head start for 2016 by adding contemporary take on vintage dressing- appealing colors and prints. This dress from Chiccat has a demure silhouette, but it feels fresh thanks to its vibrant prints.
Just keep it simple by wearing flats or your favorite stilettos. Details are everything; the geometric print and the eye catching color of your shoes.I find it really interesting to hoard knee length dresses. Before, I'm always allergic to below the knee or knee length dresses. LOL Maybe, I'm getting really old now and I started to appreciate this length.LOL It can make you look sexy without having to show off your gam. I always have a minimalist take on this, so less accessories the better.
  Whatever your size, trust me this kind of silhouette will look good on you.

Have a great Monday! 

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  1. These are some lovely photos! I really love the red teen length outfit :)


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