Saturday, December 19, 2015


My dream life would consist of lying on a beach somewhere, catching rays with my man, sipping cocktails from coconuts and washing my worries away in the beach. I know I was made for an island life. LOL 

Weekend! It's a luxury for us. Resting on each others arms during the weekend. Laughing and fighting over small things will always be a part of it. We're like in our early 20s when we argue on so many small things, but he lets me win anyway. Love? maybe.hahah I'm blessed because we enjoy the same things like going to the beach.  And my two kids love the beach too
Find something that you both enjoy and bank on it. Never let work  get into the way of  the way of creating a strong bond with your husband and kids. Or maybe the people that mattered most. Always find time. Yes, Time! 


Thanks for reading..