Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Every season, we are barraged with list of new fashion “must-haves” that threaten to burn a hole in our pockets. But I've learned to work on my  existing wardrobe to keep my look current. Girls should own set of basic things depending on their  lifestyle and personal taste. We need to keep the basic stuff like reliable  blazer, a good pair of jeans and stylish ballet flats.

You can update it by adding accessories or mix it with other unconventional pieces. 
One of the best way to dress your blazer is to pin a classic brooch. I use to see old ladies before pinning their brooch and it's like a thing in the past. I grew up admiring it, but never did I imagine I will be sporting one in the coming years. I kept this Chanel brooch and waited for the right time to pin it..LOL It's a mixture of old and modern style. Brooch is always a representation of old style but jeans and ballet flats can balance the whole look to make it look updated. 

 Blazer: MANGO
Brooch: CHANEL
White top & Jeans: FOREVER21

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