Sunday, April 19, 2015

Isla Reta

These days, it's too easy to send text or email your friends about what's happening in your life. But you're not getting the same giggle when they're infront of you upon sharing the juicy details. I understand everyone is busy and we're trap in the rat race  of life.

 It's difficult planning night out or coffee date with your friends when they live in a different city. Worst is they work abroad, We are geographically challenged, so I seldom see some of my friends in high school and college.

I just came to realize most of them were in medical field. Because during our time getting yourself to nursing school was a trend.Now, they work and live abroad.

 They are one of my favorite faces on earth. I'm missing Airisse, Amor and Aubry here. We usually do this once a year or maybe twice. They live abroad and others live in a different cities. I'm sharing our lil getaway in Samal Island.

    Photos: Eric Estrabon     


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