Saturday, August 30, 2014

off duty

The off-duty look is fun to plan ahead of time. Your usual must have items are  jeans, oversize shirt and lots of shorts. Weekends are for relaxing – for you and your style. So always grab an easy to wear and chic pieces. But, it all depends on your style. I'm taking a detour for my off-duty look and opted to create a girly silhouette.
Skirts is everywhere and it's great piece this season. Easy to wear  and it's refreshing. 

Whether you're getting a coffee in the morning or sitting with your kids in the park on a hot afternoon, you owe it to yourself to look flawless at all times. Being busy is not an excuse- regardless of whether you are famous or not. Admit it, it feels good if you like what you're seeing on the mirror. I know physical appearance would be the second thing  on our's always how you are in the inside that matters most. 

 Skirt: Chiccat
Top: Forever21
Bag: Chanel 
Bangle: Cartier
Sandal: Parisian 
Earrings: Dior 

Photos by Kojak Taduran

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