Sunday, May 18, 2014


Same thing with clothes, hairstyles go through its own cycles of trends. If you stick to one hairstyle, especially a very distinct one, it can make you look dated, especially if you're sporting a hairstyle that doesn't suit your face. It has been my dilemma for the past few months. I can't decide what hairstyle to try on. I'd like to keep my locks long and I wanted to keep my fringes. I wanted to reinvent my hairstyle, but I'm having a hard time deciding.

 By the way the top I'm wearing is a bandage dress from Forever21. But, I decided to put on my favorite shorts. It's my way of beating the summer heat. Have a great weekend everyone!! 

Chanel Bag/ Forever21 dress(similar here)/ Forever21 shorts(similar here)/ Parisian sandals/Casio watch /Chiccat sunnies


  1. I have this dress!! It's so cute :) love how you wore it tucked into shorts <3 you look great

    Alexa <3

  2. Lovely photos! ♥

    Please visit my blog too :)


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