Friday, January 17, 2014

New Year

Photos by Rochelle Paula

NEW YEAR- This year is speeding by and February  is just around the corner. While many people wait until New Year's to get their personal lives in order and create the change that they know was long overdue, you shouldn't have to. It is, after all, true that delay is the greatest form of denial.

I compiled all my unfulfilled " New Year's Resolution." And there's quite a few things that I need to add to my 2014's to-do list.LOL

I was thinking of setting action oriented goals before the 2013 ends, but I 
end up doing it on the  2nd week of january 2014. Goal setting should be part of daily and weekly routines. I'll set goals as to what new actions that'll make me get closer to my  desired outcome. I will condition my mind  and try my best to work on it. 

This year could be the very best year of your life. We can do this, just keep on believing. Eliminate any doubts, to conquer in 2014. Your belief needs to be stronger than ever and your proactive approach needs to be consistent now. 

Watch: Casio
Top & Leggings: Forever21
Leather Jacket: Terranova
Shoes: Parisian

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