Friday, December 27, 2013

Low Key Look

Photos by Rochelle Paula

New year is just days away—have you covered everything on your to-do list yet? Every year, I promise to do my gift-hunting early, work on things before the year ends. I’m a bundle of stress, blowing my time to cover all those TO-DO-LIST. 

To beat stress, Rochelle and I checked out  bazaar nearby. By the way, Rochelle is a videographer turned photographer. This time, its not dresses and accessories, but plants and pretty flowers. I seldom see pretty flowers, so you can imagine my excitement being photographed holding flowers. If only we have parks that is loaded with lots of pretty flowers. I'll be there three times a week.LOL

White Top & Legging: Forever21  Watch: Casio Shoes: Parisian
I'm wearing one of my comfort clothes- leggings and denim top. Low key look on a hot afternoon. What do you think of my zodiac shoes guys? Cute..I know! hahahha Got it from SM Parisian. It looks like Charlotte Olympia's zodiac shoes. Get yours now for just php599.           Hope you like my look today.                   


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