Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Color of Sadness

When the heart is burdened with sadness, nothing looks bright. It's not easy to shake off the grief. You try to run from it, the more it chases you. You try to savor the pain until you realize that you're done. And you wanted to move on. Sadness flies in time. 
Losing someone you love is hard. You thought we lost everything. You can't hold their hand... You can't tousle their hair.Nothing will matter except  the last conversation you had with them.And the world will seem so quiet. Their things will remain. It’s sadder as time goes by. ... Memory becomes your partner. You hold it... you dance with it.
You start to see life as a time line: before and after. With them and without them. You will be reminded of a random memory of your childhood. A happy memory from “before,” followed by a strike of hurt because they were alive. And everything was good.
I may not have the chance to know you more, but in my heart I know I'll be missing you. I cried secretly everytime I visit you in the hospital. It hurts to see you in pain. I know you're happy now. 

Goodbye is painful if you know you'll never say hello again.

Flats and Earrings: Chanel
Ring: Forever21 

Photos:JM Padillo


  1. I feel the pain. Hope you could get over with it soon. stay strong gab!

  2. Lovely dress ad I want that tiger ring, too!

    XX, IamJenniya

    1. Thanks, Jenniya. It's still available. Just click the Chiccat link.

  3. I wish you happiness moving forward Gabby!

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  4. You look elegant!!


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