Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dress Down

Friday!Dress down day. Everyone is looking forward for this day...hehehehehe but I'm still wearing my skyscraper pumps. Atleast, I get to wear jeans during Friday. 

After work we had this crazy photoshoot.  It's fun doing crazy things with friends. 

Shades: Rayban
Shoes: Payless
Top: Kamiseta
Jeans: Bangkok Pants

I love the yellow+blue combo. Both are my favorite colors..These colors are screaming for attention...hahahhahaha=) It's a good way to destress after those grueling hours of work.


  1. Love the color combo! :)

    Love the pumps! <3

  2. blue and yellow , color blocking.. great! :)

    P.S.: please join my ongoing giveaway :) ty

  3. i love your pumps!!:)))

    anyway, sis. I have an on-going giveaway on my blog, if you have time, hope you could join.. It's my first blog giveaway! :)

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    Anne of Anneholica

  4. I love the yellow and blue combi sis! Yay! (^_^)

    I followed you na rin sa Google Friend Connect. Will visit your blog often hehe. (^_^)

  5. love this post, so edgy <3 happy blogging :D

  6. love your shoes! :)


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