Thursday, June 7, 2012

Color Crush

Hot Pink! Blue! Go bright in fashion's favorite new hue. I'm seeing a lot of hot pink stuffs in the mall today. I used to think hot pink is too loud..hmmmm I even avoided pink before..Pinkophobia!!! (making my own phobia..hahahahaha ) Surprisingly, it's now a candy to my eyes. I had this skirt for quite sometime, but never wear it. I paired it with my new flat shoes and they make a great combo. Never say never girls!! ahahahahhaha 

Satchel: Parisian

Skirt: Chiccat
Shoes: So Fab
Top: Closet

 When your not wearing the pastel shades, you'll be keeping it sweet in HOT PINK.


  1. hey gab! nice shots! kamo na jud ni nick ug toni! :D hehehe. love this outfit.. :D looking forward to see more of your style! :D


    1. Hhahahahah...we're going to make a team..heheheheh magpicturials ta sunod nla ni nick...hehehehhe

  2. Love the floral top. It's so girly.

  3. I'm inlove with your shoes! Am a new follower! <3

    Ericka of


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