Tuesday, June 16, 2015

short hair

Chopping your hair is a great  move allowing women to shift away from catering to man’s perception of “sexy,” and giving them chance to see a different version of beauty.

In fact, all that’s needed for this transformation is a pair of scissors and approval from your hairstylist. This new fad of short hair has started to replace the previously sought-after long, luscious locks. There are articles about technique on how to check if you look great with short hair.

Daily Mail reports the technique, reportedly created by John Frieda, asks women to hold a pencil or straight edge horizontally under their chins.Then, the ruler is placed directly under the earlobe, running perpendicular to the pencil.If the pencil meets the ruler anywhere 2.25 inches or under, Robinson believes you’re best suited for short hair. For women who measure over 2.25 inches, however, long hair may be more flattering.

 But, no one's  stopping you to sport on a bob cut. It's your choice to do it or not. I know cutting or changing your hairstyle is like on par of changing career path.

.  I'm loving the idea that women are making the decision to cut their hair for themselves, rather than for men who fantasize about the women with long and voluminous hair. We always remember shampoo commercials, it's always the long hair.

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