Sunday, July 20, 2014

Getting Comfy

I'm not afraid of wearing flats everyday, running errands and looking after the kids would be impossible to do in heels, and I feel comfortable and I can maximize my time. I used to think I’d look short but the right flats can actually lengthen you.

I'd love to put on stilletos while doing these chores, but it's really impossible. You might get an accident for falling off while chasing your kids or  running for something. I know how great to be photographed wearing heels and carrying your kids with one arm, just like celebreties huh! LOL

Girls in little summer dresses with cute sneakers on looks cute and comfy. Bodycon dresses can look cute just by wearing comfy flats. Sporting on leggings or skinny jeans is way too cute if you slip on ballet flats.

 I created these sets as a reference. I personally picked the items and it's my kind of style.


  1. Very nice Look!
    And you make amazing sets with those collages!
    Kisses from Austria!

    1. Glad that you like it.. Thanks for dropping by. =)

  2. Drop dead gorgeous <3

    Kisses from Aussie!


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