Monday, June 23, 2014


So often, I find myself reminiscing about past or thinking about the future. There's always a tinge of fear everytime I think of the future.. I woke up today with so many thoughts about future and past. And it's too much to handle.. I wanted to stop and live by the moment.. Raise your hands if you had the same experience..
Don't worry guys nobody is perfect, we all go through this stage..but its not too late to change your thoughts.. They're only thoughts so you can change them anytime.. 

Believe me I saw the effect of overthinking bout the future
and past.. Obsessing about these thoughts.. I became unproductive and my actions are no longer aline to my goals..I'll make this weekend more productive(crossing fingers).

Happy Monday everyone!!

Photos by Dee U.

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  1. Oh yes now i feel the same way. I always over-think the future, especially now that became in few months from now, I'm graduating from college and off to the real world. It really terrifies me

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    The Girl Behind The Pen

    1. Hi by the moment and just jot down your plans in the'll do you wonders and less stress...hehehehehe

  2. Dear I feel you. I can relate to that! I even had insomnia for over thinking about things.. *sighs* but I am glad i'm over it ;)

    1. We should really move on, so we can have more time for doing great things.. Thanks for dropping by, Cassie.


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