Friday, March 7, 2014

Letting go..

Photo by Kojak Taduran

When I let go of the past, I become what I might be. (just a thought)  I pondered  and breath for awhile. Trying to recall and assist my life. We all have fears from the past, that can hinder success. We failed before and quit. We hold on  to  it and never tried to let go.. I guess this is the time to forgive and let go.. 

 We all have shares of fears and grudges from the past. It clings and binds to our minds. We get sad and feel empty for no reason.. And when we try to look deeper, it's coming from the past. They say "It's easy to forgive, but hard to forget." True enough. 
I don't wanna waste another year.. So I made a conscious choice today  to shed the past. Forgive and forget.. Forgive those people and myself too. Life is too short. There's no recipe for happiness. It should be coming from us.. The most important thing is our relationship with our God.  
Cheers to those who were able to let go.. Let's celebrate life!!

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  1. Forgive and forget - love this :) Forget the past and be excited for what's coming your way :)

    Kisses ♥


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