Monday, October 21, 2013

Chasing Pavements

Chasing pavement? Infamous song that has a couple of meaning. I read an article on how people interpret it. It's funny how others put a meaning on it.  Love this song and always wanted to do a photo blog bout it. If I see bloggers or models sat on  pavement just doing their thing, I would be like "woah, gotta make my pavement version too." hahaha (its my second article where I sat on a pavement) crazy huh.Lol..Photo blog is one hell of an art. I'm always passionate about art. Any medium as long as it expresses oneself. We have social media where you can easily share your work. Whoever started these medium, you guys are awesome!!
 Art is a big word. There's art of communication, art of war, food art, art of dressing up and et cetera. So we can inject art on blogging too. Make sense, right?

Photography is one the many things that I love. This is one of my cheapest thrill.. I randomly take photos of just about anything. It's a work of art. There are instances that I landed on websites of photographers, bloggers and online stores in pursuit of beautiful photos. My husband and I shares the same passion for photography. I must say "pavement theme" is  my favorite..hehe 

How bout you, what are you passionate about?? 

Blazer: New York Ladies
Top: Mango
Shoes: Chanel
Accessories: Chiccat

Photos by: Kojak Taduran


Thanks for reading..