Friday, August 23, 2013

I'm Back!!

  Hi everyone...I miss my blog and everything about fashion. I've been out of the radar for almost 4 months now. I finally gave birth and I've gained a few pounds...haayyyyyzz (heavy panting). I'm freakin excited to blog and to blah about sooo many things.LOL Here's my first look.

Color-Coordinated! Girls, you don't need to match your entire outfit from head to toe. I've watched trends come and go, so always pick chic and elegant pieces that can make you look fabulous.

The floral print created a sexy silhouette. It can give you the right curves.

H&M bag and Payless Pumps
Hype this look on and
Redhead dress and Michael Kors watch
I always go for classic dresses and accessories. Today, I'm wearing my Michael Kors watch. No piling of bangles and no rings. My watch is having it's moment. Keeping it simple on accessories makes your dress pop. Sounds like I'm making an excuse, right??hehehe I'm just too tired to accessorize today. I'll save it on my next post.. hahahah

Hope you like my look today. Happy Friday everyone!!


  1. Nice dress, te gustaría que nos siguiéramos??

  2. I love how you styled your look dear. :)
    Ang sexy mo naman..Sure ka banag nanganak ka?hehe
    Stay pretty and happy! :)

    -xoxo, FRANCES

    1. hehehehe hi frances, thank u.. i gave birth last may 31,2013... thanks for dropping by.

  3. Your dress is lovely Gab!:) I miss you!:)

    McRon Neall

    1. Thanks, blurry... i miss u too..ill be in cebu this dec(crossing my fingers)hehehehe ill see u then and photoshoot ha..hehehehe

  4. Welcome back friend! :D

  5. Im inlove with your dress, and the color is just perfect. :)
    Thanks for visiting my page. Following back :) ♥


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