Saturday, December 8, 2012


1. Missing escario street..  2.I was featured on a spanish fashion community (super kilig)hehehe 3.Reason why i should make blogging my new job...hehehe 4.Num num it!

1. Those giggles and smiles on a sunny day 2. Chiccat Clothing Line 3. Mochi ice cream-Oreo and milk  4.Starting my day right. 5.Booti-ful Day

1.The nose..bow!!!hahaha  2.Gettin ready for a sunday stroll. 3.Durian for breakfast...good way to start ur day! 4.Carpe Diem

1.Cuervo night with jean and tintin  2.Happy sunday!!  3. Sakit 4.Alone for breakfast..miss u Kojak and Bibs :(

1. Taking advantage of the elevator traffic(photoshoot avtik)..hahaha 2.Coffee date..i miss u soo much my biboypegpeg!! 3.Jean's bridal shower  4.These emails tickled my heart- sponsorship and feature for my blog. 

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  1. nice photos! I'm a reese's addict too and I miss drinking jose cuervo. hahaha! I lvoe the elevator trafffic photos :) btw, I nominated you and your blog for liebster award.Please check out this post for details

    Love, Maria


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